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The website
is served

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The story has written by Roberta Minghetti about Delizard.
Is possible to download the story in PDF and EPUB format (soon available to free download), with more content about the professional activity of Delizard.

Thanks very much to Mauro and Roberta for this faboulous gift :)                            

"The website is served"
by Roberta Minghetti

It´s Saturday morning when someone dials the following sequence of numbers: 3358451281.
Francesco`s cell phone starts to ring straight after.
- “Good morning, I`m Massimo, I am not disturbing, am I? Look, tomorrow we are going to this expo and we`re here in the office getting the last preparations together and I was talking to my partners and we thought that it would be great to have a company video on the web site that we have prepared for the expo stand…. don`t you think that`s a good idea? We thought it was an excellent idea, the only thing is that the guy who does all the stuff with the web site and all, he`s not working today…. it`s Saturday, you see…so we would be in need of…. if it`s not a problem…that you did us this favour…. it`s not going to be a lot of work…am I right? So, let`s agree on this; in case you need some technical information I will leave you the number of my employee…. you can get this done by lunchtime right?”
All the answers remain stuck in Francesco`s head, the speed of Mr Massimo`s words penetrates his ears and does not allow him to get even one syllable out of his mouth. Now they all come out in a row like an echo that comes a bit too late:
“No, you are not disturbing, please go on…I agree, it`s a good idea but maybe it`s better to plan it after the expo, for non ruining the surprise effect…. It`s not quite that little work; I have newer seen your web site and I need info for the FTP access, the video must be exported in a compressed manner, otherwise it will be too big for launching online and I need to put a link in your news section that will take you to the video; but anyways, it can be done without any problems…”
Francesco smiles. He places his coils of fishing line in his bait box, sits down by his desk, turns his head around until he`s able to see the gap between the wardrobe and the bed; his eyes go up and down the fishing rod and in that exact moment the answer to Mr Massimo’s last question comes to him: “Yes, I will be able to finish before lunch”.

After listening to the repeating on-hold music for quite some seconds and waiting for the slow download of the homepage, finally Mr Massimo`s company home page appears on the screen of Francesco`s computer. Well, what appears is something very primitive by the looks of it, a page divided into so many sections that it looks like folds in the hide of a Javanese rhino. The background colour also makes the mentioned animal come into mind, also the fact that both animal and this web site face extinction: while the menu buttons, big and round, makes one think of wide-open lemur eyes. At the top of the right corner there is an enthusiastic flashing text saying “news”, proudly showing that there has been a good two years since anyone made an update to the site`s content.
The hand that moves the pointer stops: Francesco is a webmaster and has therefore learned to respect every web page like it was of his own creation; but he cannot help himself from picking up a pencil and making a note; “meet up with Massimo for discussing new web site”. One of his cats is rubbing its back against the side of the cupboard. He reaches his hand out and the cat jumps up on his lap. While he pets the cat`s white and tiger striped fur, the little cat starts to purr and the sound transforms in Francesco`s head into a phrase:
Let`s stay a little longer
we walk
life is just one stop away from here
you only need a penny to get there……
(“Coney Island”, Massimo Volume)
Francesco looks away from the web page,
at the fishing bait
at the cat`s muzzle,
and back;
and then, with a smile on his face, he places his hand on the computer mouse.

It is almost noon when he sends a text message to Massimo: Good day, the video is now online as agreed upon. When the expo is over I would like to meet up to talk about your web site, if this is ok with you. Greetings. Francesco.
He gets up and with him also the cat; the fishing gear is in the car, the main door closes; the only sounds to be heard in the house are the cat`s purring sounds.
After some hours Francesco receives a mail: The expo did go well, but, as always after such an event, we have a lot of things to sort out; therefore, the only time I have available for our appointment would be next Thursday at 12:30. Is it a deal? Massimo

Hello Mr Massimo,
Next Thursday at 12:30 works fine by me; I suggest that we meet close to where you work, at Nick`s tavern.
Good luck with all your work.
Francesco Giubbilini

The same day, inspired by the appointment, Francesco decides to pass by Nicola, unbeatable at football and his childhood friend. Nicola wanted to become an actor at the theatre but instead he opened a restaurant “Nick`s tavern”, Nick as in Nicola, but foremost like Nick Bottom, the weaver in the Shakespearean comedy A mid summer nights dream. Obviously Nick agrees to the idea Francesco has planned for his client; his job is only to season the client`s lunch with some well planned obstacles.
Thursday at 12:35 Massimo comes to the restaurant and shakes Francesco`s hand with the energy of someone who has forgotten to slow down during the day. The table is set; in the middle of the table, a half-empty breadbasket to be refilled, two textile napkins with cutlery placed aside them and two wine glasses turned downwards. No waiter arrives to take the orders.
- “How did the expo go? The video worked well?” – Francesco starts out smoothly.
- “Yes, very well” – Massimo answers as he chews on the remaining content of the bread basket with hastily greed; - “by the way, I would have called you to discuss our web site: you know, there was a lot of people interested to hear our products and now I have all these contacts to add that I don`t want to loose. I like our web site and it is just a few years old, so I would like to keep it that way; but maybe we could do a little brushing up on it, to get more directly in touch with people visiting out site…” – and while he talks, his eyes start to look around for a waiter for which he can give his order to, also at a distance; - “but they will give you something to eat in this place, right? Sorry, I am in quite a rush and I am very hungry.”
Francesco waves over his friend from behind the cash counter, and he gets to their table immediately.
- “Hello, I am Nicola, the owner of the place, nice to meet you” – and in a slow and rhythmical way he continues - “I am so sorry for the delay, I see that your table has not been served yet, I will have the menus brought to you right away; in the meantime I will bring you some more bread, I see you have enjoyed that one; we make it ourselves, you know. Ah, if the music is too loud, just let me know and we will turn it down straight away.”
Finally, after a long wait, the menus are brought to the table; the one Francesco gets contains barely two pages, the other menu, on the other hand, has many pages with a lot of text in it; that`s Massimo`s menu, in fact, all the plates are divided into sections referring to how many calories they contain, how many ingredients are used in the dish, the prominent colour of the dish and also distinction based on texture and digestibility. Massimo, visibly nervous by such a chaotic range of plates, stops at a name that is accompanied by the text ”new” written in red.
When the waiter gets to the table Francesco accepts the invite from his lunch companion to be the first one to order:
- “I would like the usual, thank you” – he asks in a complicit tone.
- “For me… the new plate” – Massimo orders with a resigned voice.
- “Oh, I am sorry, that dish was new about two months ago, now we only make it when ordered in advance and for a minimum of four people; I am sorry, we have not yet updated the menu.”
Massimo`s breathing remains between droop and irritation just a few seconds before Francesco smoothen things over with an order for the waiter:
- “We`ll just have the same plate, both of us, Nicola already knows what to make” - and, while smiling to his guest, he whispers: - “trust me.”
As the food gets on the table every tension looses up, and the lunch come to an end with small talk while sipping Rosso Bolgherese.
- “I hope I have not caused too much delay in your schedule” – Francesco says while saying good bye to his guest, - “but there are a few important things about the web site that I wanted to show you.”
Massimo looks at him in surprise: - “The web page? We did not even talk about that during this strange lunch: what was it you wanted to tell me?”
- “Don`t worry; I have not talked to you about it, but I will send you a detailed reply this afternoon with suggestions for the new web site and then you will understand. Oh! Please remember, the service at this restaurant is normally excellent!” – says Francesco smiling while he opens the car with his remote key.

Dear Mr Massimo,
I think that your lunch today would have been a lot more pleasant if you were not forced to eat bread to satisfy your hunger and to listen to bombarding music while waiting a long time for the menu; then, if the menu had contained a list of dishes that was understandable, clear and readable, with updated content, I think you would say that you would be very satisfied with the visit at Nick`s tavern. By now it would come to your mind that I have taken the liberty to organise these small annoyances, risking to sabotage your lunch and my friend Nicola`s reputation, in order to show you how someone that visits your web site has the same need to see a menu in order that is nice to look at, divided into sections that are not too fragmented and full of updated and useful information. These are just a few things that I would do to improve your website; for managing all your new contacts it would be useful to use 2.0 web technology facilitating the access to social networks and thus making the site much more interactive for communicating with the site`s users.
To make updates easier it`s enough to apply a control panel that can be directly operated by you in a fast and easy way. You will find every detail described in the attached document.
If you find my suggestions useful I will let you have a look at the first restyling draft accompanied by a glass of good wine to make up for the lunch.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me for any questions or concerns regarding the project.
Good luck

Francesco Giubbilini
P.IVA 01529050492
Via F. Petrarca 5, 57013
Rosignano Solvay (Livorno)
Toscana - ITALY

It`s Saturday morning when a text message loudly ticks in on the display of Francesco`s cell phone. He reached out his hand next to the bedside table, lifts his left eyelid slightly and sees in the shadows a puff of white and grey fur that is preparing to make a jump at him. He turns on his side to avoid the cat attack and reads: Ok Francesco, I will be expecting you next Thursday so you can present your draft to me. Let`s meet IN MY OFFICE…just in case. Massimo.
Francesco smiles, opens his right eye while he turns on the pc and creates a
New folder: web page for Massimo.

There is a special flavour to being reborn when you have been fighting the right thing to make it, when you have been walking straight on the road you have chosen as the main way… (“A special favour” - Marlene Kuntz)

Translation by May Trine Hauan: Freelance Translator


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