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3 FOR U : Website + Photoshooting + TranslationSounds interesting? Read more!
3 FOR U is an all-inclusive service package, prepared unifying the experience of 3 professionals: a web designer, a photographer, a translator. A unique product, tailored on your special needs. Easy on the eye, highly communicative, optimised for the main search engines, easy to keep up to date.
Here more details about 3 FOR U:


1) WEB DESIGN | by Francesco Giubbilini • www.millestanze.it

Millestanze creates your professional web site and develops all graphic aspects according to your special communicative needs. Up to 4 languages (Italian, English, German, Spanish). Structure code optimised for the placement on search engines.

A common web site contains these sections:
- Homepage (Welcome page with description of the structure/service and a photo slideshow if required)
- Descriptive page (a page with detailed description of the product/service)
- Prices and Services (you can keep this page autonomously up to date)
- Special offers (you can keep this page autonomously up to date)
- Where you can find us
- Contacts (form for online booking request included)
- Useful links (or another section upon request)

Activation of a Google Business Map and placement on the search engines, directories and websites included.
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* Rimane escluso dal pacchetto il costo per l'installazione di un sistema di Booking Online. Tale opzione sarà eventualmente discussa a parte.

2) PHOTOSHOOTING | by Karim Carella • www.photokappa.it

Professional photo shooting on location (indoor and/or outdoor).

About the service:
- 1 day (about 8 hours);
- 30 photos (indoor, outdoor, details) according to customer’s needs;
- image editing for the selected photos;
- CD with the selected photos (45 MB, tiff, standard rgb, 300 dpi).
These features make the photos suitable also for great dimensions printing usages.

Here you can see two photo galleries like an example. All rights reserved.
Click to enlarge.


Photo by Karim Carella    Photo by Karim Carella    Photo by Karim Carella    Photo by Karim Carella    Photo by Karim Carella    Photo by Karim Carella    Photo by Karim Carella    Photo by Karim Carella    Photo by Karim Carella    Photo by Karim Carella

Farm Holidays:

Photo by Karim Carella    Photo by Karim Carella    Photo by Karim Carella    Photo by Karim Carella    Photo by Karim Carella    Photo by Karim Carella    Photo by Karim Carella    Photo by Karim Carella    Photo by Karim Carella    Photo by Karim Carella

3) TRANSLATION | by Beatrice Giacometti • www.betagamma.eu

Freelance translator, no automatic translation or google translator!
- Languages: Italian, English, German, Spanish (other languages upon request);
- Translation of the written content of the website (up to 4 standard pages = 1.000 words per each language);
- Localization of the relevant metadata (title, description, keywords) for the placement on searching engines.

Price: 1900 € + vat

The package is intended to be an example, based on a standard website.
We will be pleased to discuss integrations or changes, in order to satisfy your special needs.

Possible integrations: Graphic, eBook & Video
We offer you the possibility to integrate this package with the Logo Service (creation and design of your personal logo or peculiar graphic) or other web/seo/graphic/video services; in alternative you can integrate the package with an E-book, an ad hoc created story taking place in your structure with you acting as the main character. Selected writers will take charge of it

An e-book is a new, original way to present your company; it can also become a special gift for your customers, who will download it directly from your website. (You can see here who has already taken its ebook!).

Again, it's possible for you to apply for a video service: video production, videoclips, promotional and corporate videos, videos for weddings and events!


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